is an idea that I had talked about doing for years, but just kept putting off. Being a die-hard Chicago Bears fan, I spend every day surfing the same sites, checking for any news on my team, and not just during football season. I figured that there must be tons of other people going through a similar ritual and though about how great it would be if all us Bears fans had a single place to get all the news on our team.
     On January 31, 2004, I finally decided to stop talking about the Bears site I was going to make just did it. There are many good pieces of software that are available to use for creating a blog, but I decided that Movable Type looked like the best option. All the features that I could have thought of needing when I was getting started were all included. Also, Movable Type caters to my Perl background, so writing custom pieces into the software would be more feasible.
     Since then, I have continued to add new features to the site and try and make it more than an aggregated content repository. Within the first six months, has introduced three writers who produce origin articles. I have helped a couple of journalists get new careers started by providing them with a place to write and subject to write about as well as facilitating and archiving those articles so that they may showcase their work. offers some very common services like automatic email updates of new stories as well as the ability for a visitor to email a story to a friend through the site. It has also offered some things that are not as common such as a TV listing of programs related to the Bears for the upcoming week.
     One thing that was somewhat important to me was getting support from other websites. I did not want anyone to think that I was trying to take traffic away from other sites. To ensure that people would not get confused, I decided upfront to never paste another website's article on Instead I use the articles original title and write a summary or use a summarizing quote from the article and link people directly to the original. My hope was that other websites would recognize that I was providing them with potential viewers that had never visited before. Success was immediate when I received an email from an editor at a small Chicago sports site. He told me that within a couple of weeks, he had seen a great deal of traffic coming from to their site. In a word, Success!
     What I once was not sure would last more than a few weeks has become, what I consider, a popular source for Chicago Bears news and now generates thousands of hits a day in traffic. Not bad for one geek ;).