Welcome to dougthug.com.
     The purpose of this site is to provide me with a place to organize some of my work and different projects. In addition to that, it also provides potential employers with a place to see some of those projects as well as get my résumé or my wife's. This site will also be used to facilitate some personal things as well.
     For over a decade now, I have been working in the IT field. I started out as a support technician and have spent most of my time as a system administrator. The last few years have been spent maturing my skills as a Perl developer. I particularly enjoy developing MySQL backed Perl/CGI applications and Perl/Tk GUI applications. I have spent some time working with C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, and VisualBasic as well as other languages. I can use the experience I have in these other languages to aid me in my work as a Perl developer. Being familiar with these other languages enables me to get off the ground running quickly in new environments where more than one language has been used in past projects, whether my work is integrating with an existing product or replacing it.
     If you have any questions or are looking to fill a position that you would like to use my services for, please feel free to contact me.