I have been asked about the origin of the name 'dougthug' many times. I have worried that it would work to my disadvantage when giving out an email address @dougthug.com to recruiters and potential employers, but the results have been quite contrary.
     First, I should explain the origin of my name. I was giving the nickname, dougthug, back around 1995 by my father. Back then, there was pretty much three internet service providers ruling the earth; AOL, Prodigy, and CompuServe. Of these three, my family was a subscriber of AOL. When they all started out, they pretty much offered similar services for similar prices with dialup numbers in the same locations. The internet grew so quick, it didn't take long for these three to start trying to out-do each other. AOL had just introduced a new promotion for subscribers where they could have a screen name for every person in their family under one account. My father took advantage of this offer and setup screen names for everyone in the family.
     Growing up in a suburb of Philadelphia across one of the bridges in New Jersey in the 80's, I was naturally a big fan of rap and hip hop, as were most youth. My love of rap and hip hop has never left me, and during my teenage years, the same time that my nickname came to be, it defined much of my look and style. My father took my name and slapped it together with my music and came up with 'dougthug' as a joke. That name has never left since then.
     I have often worried about potential employers shunning away from me because of the silly sounding domain for my email. That worry was laid to rest after having similar talks with many of those potential employers. The email address helped me stick out and drew attention to me, which is never bad when you and a handful of other people are trying to get consideration for a job. It also made those same people interested and prompted them to visit my website, which never hurts either. The more interest they take in me, the better my changes of getting that contract or that position I might be hoping for.
     My friends and family don't call me dougthug or anything, but if you are ever playing a video game online against some guy named dougthug, you may very well be playing me.